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Transform Your Trading For Good - Achieve An 84%+ Success Rate Trading Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day And Eliminate Stress And Anxiety

Achieve 84%+ Success Rate Consistently, Trading Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day...

Offer available for:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


  • Struggle with Consistency: 1 month up, 2 months down?
  • Lose more Trades than you Win: and keep standing still or worse go backwards
  • Want to change this: & Get consistent, get more Green than Red months 

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A Personal Message from Judy

Trading Business in a BOX
Questions Answered replay
with Judy Vee

What Do You Get?

  • POGO and BUGSY License: 2 highly successful semi-automated strategies, they have an average 83% success Rate!
  • Easy to learn and use: 3 basic rules for each and they are both similar, so you don't have to spend weeks and months mastering them.
  • Saves you time: Spend only 30 minutes or less a day going through your watch-list and then you place POGO and BUGSY and they wait for the perfect setup to execute, you are then free to do whatever you choose, no chart watching.
  • ​Stress Free Trading: Once you place the executors they will take and manage the trades on your behalf with no further input needed from you. You don't have to pull the trigger. If the trades are not placed in 4  Hours POGO or BUGSY remove themselves
  • Trade Manager License: Set and Forget Trade Management tool which will trail all your trades.
  • Easy to learn and use: 4 basic setting to choose from and that's it, it stays on the chart and manages all your trades for you
  • Saves you time: You don't have to watch price action and move stop losses this is all done for you. Set it once and forget it.
  • ​Take less trades and get better results: Instead of getting 1:1 you get multiples to 1, so you get more from your winning trades meaning you trade less and get the results you want.

In addition to this YOU Get

  • Incubator Coaching : 1:1 daily coaching
  • Twice daily Market Livestreams 
  • ​Trading Tools License: Instlist, Market Change, Trade Placer & Lotsize calculator - all designed to save you Time

And Also...                         

  • ​​Wealth Thermometer Program: Transforming Your Relationship with Money
  • Trade Plan Development: Online program
  • Find Your Number: Online Program 
  • Live Event: in London and also Live streamed
  • Fully loaded VPS: Trade Ready
  • Frequent Training Webinars: POGO, BUGSY, TRADE MANAGER, Ask me Anything (AMA)
  • Membership Area:  Includes tools, private group/ community, training
  • Welcome Pack:  POGO & BUGSY Cookbooks, POGO Tick Sheet & a really cool Tribe of Traders manifesto Tshirt
  • Trade Journal delivered to YOU every 3 Months: For you to Track and Review Your trading
  • ​Risk Management PDF: How to be a Money Manager first and Trader second
  • ​Trading Tactics PDF: Eliminate the Mistakes in Your Trading
  • Trading Mastery PDF: Giving You the edge you need
  • Trading Psychology Audibles: Understand the psychology behind Trading
  • ​World Class Support: We have YOUR back - and We mean that!

++ Genius Trading membership ++

get consistently Profitable with this Done for you Trading Business In A Box Offer 

Join the Tribe and Never Trade Alone

The Tribe Community is very interactive and supportive both on Skype and Facebook.  Often before Tiny and I can get to answer a question in the forums one of the Coaches or Tribe have already responded. Giving you the almost instant feedback you need. 

The tribe members often comment on how refreshing it is to have a place where they feel at home, included,respected and supported.

You will find that when YOU JOIN the Tribe of Traders you will NEVER have to FEEL ALONE in YOUR Trading again.

We have Tribe Members in the UK, Europe,USA (East and West), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and growing so there is always someone to help or bounce IDEAS off of.

We also have a lot of fun so Join us at our next Pints & PIPS social evening in London .. soon to go Global...

Watch the Videos to see/hear what our Tribe members think
Best with Sound

What You Get in The NEW IMPROVED Trading Business in a Box..
POGO: Highly profitable strategy - avg 83% success Rate
With an average 83% success and a Alerter to save you time -its a steal!
BUGSY: Highly profitable strategy - avg 83% success Rate
A strategy that compliments POGO perfectly! Also with an average 83% success rate
TRADE MANAGER: Increase your Profit per trade
Use together with POGO or BUGSY to get greater  return per trade!
Find Your Number: 
Online Program
Use the Tribe Of Trader method of finding your Target and a pathway to achieving it.. If YOU are not clear on your GOAL How can you ever REACH IT!
Trade Plan: 
Online Program
Create YOUR detailed Trade Plan - Fill out the template while following the Video Training. Those who Fail to PLAN PLAN to Fail
Coaching: 1:1 Daily laser coaching
Twice daily livestreams for Market reviews with coaches
Access to coaches every day... 
Wealth Thermometer: 
Online Program

An online Program to assist in growing your wealth Thermometer

You probably have either a high or a low wealth thermometer™, depending on your experiences with money throughout your life starting as a child. 

Money most likely represents good or bad to you, scarcity or abundance; and whatever money represents to you will determine how much of it you have.
If you have a low wealth thermometer™, you will not have much money, not because you do not earn well or invest well, but because you will not be able to hold on to it. As quickly as you get it, you will lose it or spend it--mostly on useless consumer goods. 

With a high ‘wealth thermometer™’ you will make sure you save money, invest well, and value and appreciate money. You will find it easy to make more.
Membership Portal: 
Access to searchable video training, calculators, FAQ ....
Welcome Pack: Delivered to you..
Get YOUR POGO & BUGSY Cookbook showing you 100's of setups. A POGO ticksheet to make sure you have followed all the Rules and our much sought after Manifesto Tribe Tshirt
And So Much More:
Support, Community, Membership group, Training, Audibles, books ...

Quarterly Trade Journal delivered to YOU

Use the TRADE journals which are delivered to YOU to LEARN, APPLY, TRACK, REVIEW, TWEAK Repeat..... To get Consistent results you need to Trade Consistently,  using the Trading Journal helps you to achieve that consistency. Learn from your success and mistakes - have more SUCCESS and Green Months which means more Wealth

Risk Management Method

You are a MONEY MANAGER FIRST, Trader Second! Managing monthly targets – managing drawdowns - process of elimination

Trading Tactics

Trading tactics - what to consider when trading as a business - and HOW TO AVOID THE no 1 killer to trading success and how to identify when you are experiencing it - stress 


TOPICS INCLUDE - knowing when to trade – transforming your beliefs - expanding your time horizon – compounding - trading probabilities – correlation - consolidation – market type – cyclicity  

Trading Psychology Audibles

For you to listen to on the run – reflections on money – overcoming a knock in confidence - how not to be a statistic but to stand out - how to model the success of others - ingredients for success 

The Key to Successful Trading is Modelling the:

Semi-Automate your Trading - Saving you Time and eliminating Stress
How POGO Works
How BUGSY Works
Every Month there are numerous Opportunities Presented by the Market
What People are saying about POGO & BUGSY
  • Saving You Time
  • Saving You Stress
  •  Simple & Powerful
  •  Drag & Drop
  •  Avoid the Potential Draw-down of fully automated EA's
  •  Removes itself on Expiry or when trades complete
  •  Manages the Trades

30 Day Money Breakthrough Program Fast Action Bonus Valid for Investments prior to midnight 30 July 2020...

YOUR INVESTMENT for this opportunity to ensure you achieve 
consistent 74%+ success rate in your trading -

£ 997 once off THEN £59 PER MONTH

Or you can do it over 3 installments

£ 397 pm for 3 months (then £59pm)

What Trading Business in A Box will Give You - The Ability to Achieve 74%+ Success Rate Consistently, Trading Less than 30 Minutes per day.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee ...

Sign Up Today, If You Don’t Like It For ANY REASON (I Don’t Care If It’s 13 Days, 23 Hours and 59 Minutes From Now) Just Let Me Know And We’ll Give Your Money Back.
Secure this Amazing Opportunity Today:
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Step 3: Payment Information
Select the Option which works for you!
£997 first month and then £59 per month
£397 * 3 Monthly payments and then £59 per month
£197 once off payment
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CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
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ONE TIME OFFER get an Additional Month in the Incubator(£97): Having a healthy relationship with money and a high financial watermark is critical for successful trading Take this short online program to not only get clarity on where your setting is on your Wealth Thermometer but also how you can increase it Doing this will 10x your chances of trading success as you will not be prone to giving back to the market PROFITS you have gained

Personal letter from Judy Vee co-founder of Tribe of Traders   

The Tribe of Traders is unique in the trading industry, not just because of the successful strategies, the proprietary technology that is so simple to use that expedites the learning and success of traders, but it’s the family…. Community….. support….  
It is not me or Tiny that makes it what it is, 
It is the Tribe!  

Every single person in the Tribe is part of the family; everyone is valued, everyone is heard and totally supported. 

What people in the Tribe love most about the Tribe is the sense of inclusiveness It does not matter where you are on your journey – you are one of the Tribe and you are valued tremendously.  

This is not about competition, everyone in the Tribe is on a journey to financial freedom.  

We share the trials and tribulations. We support each other through trial and errors.  

We equally celebrate each other’s’ successes! 

I always say to people who join the Tribe, meet me halfway and together we will make YOUR DREAM A REALITY!

You have EVERYTHING you need to make 2020 the year that changes EVERYTHING FOR YOU with this TRADING BUSINESS IN A BOX.

I have been trading for many years and work with hundreds of traders all over the world for a few years now, I know what we do works, I have seen it over and over, lives changing and traders getting the success they have been desperate for – finally happening through working with me.

Uniquely structured and highly profitable strategies together with training and mentoring you have everything you need right here!

If financial freedom is genuinely what you would love – then you NEED TO JOIN THE TRIBE OF TRADERS and invest in this incredible offer! 

I am really looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you.

So go on and give yourself this incredible gift and let 2020 be the year everything changes for you! 

Love and Gratitude  
Judy x  

What Does the Monthly license fee cover?

  • ​Quarterly Trade Journals
  • ​Twice daily Market Livestreams and access to Coaches
  • Software Licenses: Access to use POGO, BUGSY, Trade Manager etc.
  • ​Access to the Genius Trading membership
  • ​Use of the VPS and Software

Trading Business In a Box Image

Can I cancel the Monthly license fee?

Yes you can but then you no longer qualify for:

  • ​Quarterly Trade Journals
  • Software Licenses: Access to use POGO, BUGSY, Trade Manager etc.
  • ​Twice daily Market Livestreams and access to Coaches

  • ​Std cancellation T&C's apply
YOU get everything you need to Trade Successfully and Gain consistent returns and Grow YOUR wealth with The Trading Business in a Box. 

Model the Genius Trading Model to achieve and Maintain Trading Success

You will get licenses to two Highly successful strategies which are semi-automated which means you only need to spend 30 Minutes a day trading - which means to identify the setup and place the Executors POGO or BUGSY onto the charts and then go about your day.

Both POGO and BUGSY are profitable Monday to Friday and across all time period so you will be able to trade these at a time that works for your Lifestyle.

The executors wait until the perfect conditions are met and then place your trades while you are going about living your life. The trades are then managed by the executors until they close. In essence this is like having a whole trading floor of traders at your command, without you having to spend hours in front of YOUR computer screen.

Stress Free - Once you have identified the setups and placed the Executors you get on with your day and they will place the Trades should the perfect setup happen, they will get you in at the best price - no more worrying about pulling the trigger or missed opportunities

To Save you even more time if the setups have not yet happened and you are waiting for the final part of the setup to happen you can place the Alerters which will then tell you when you need to place the executors. Saving YOU even more time and reducing STRESS

You will get access to highly focused training videos which show you every aspect of using the strategies and the tools.

While in the Incubator you get twice daily Live streams where either I or one of my coaches will go through the market and show you what is setting up, so this style of trading can fit into your lifestyle and not the other way around

World Class support  is at your fingertips, no matter what YOUR level of Technical expertise is we have your Back. You will never be left alone to solve issues  we are here to help!

PS. If you are like me you scrolled right to the bottom before reading anything so let me tell you what you are going to get when you invest in Trading Business in a Box(TIB) today:

You are going to get an all inclusive system (including our 2 easy to use and highly profitable strategies POGO and BUGSY ) which you can use to Achieve 74%+ success rate consistently Trading only 30 minutes or less per day 

We take care of all the tech for you - you simply login to your new VPS (this is just like logging in to your pc) and all the software is good to go....

You get all the training you need in bite sized chunks so it's easy to digest and start implementing straight away, it's recorded so you can do it at your own pace....

You get twice a day LIVE market reviews and access to coaching every day, so when you want help you get it....

You get access to the Genius Trading Membership which is 100% focused on the mindset training YOU need for consistent and sustainable profitable trading. With weekly training and monthly LIVE  coaching with Judy...

You get all of this + more for a once off investment of £997  followed by an all inclusive monthly investment of only £59, there are no other hidden fees that's it....

++ If you take action NOW before midnight 30 July 2020 - You also get the 30 Day Money Breakthrough Program (value £1997) for FREE....

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Get this awesome offer - Refresher Trading Program is ideal if you have been out of trading for a while, or need a refresher course on the basics of trading.

This is the IDEAL program for YOU!

As we ONLY TEACH what you NEED to KNOW to be successful in trading POGO and BUGSY

This program will also DRAMATICALLY SPEED UP your mastery of POGO and BUGSY

Using our philosophy that success in trading is all about trading in a certain way – this program teaches you that!

Yes, I want to FAST TRACK my RESULTS